Ordinary people. Extraordinary spirit.

First responders are ordinary people, just like us. They have families, commitments, and homes to go to at the end of their working day. They’ve got dinner to make, shopping to do, and bills to pay.

But they also dedicate every day to protecting and keeping us safe.

Whether it’s the firefighters who battled the infernos that wrought havoc on our nation, the paramedics who respond to emergency situations every day, the marine rescue teams, police and lifesavers working to find missing persons and keep our communities safe, or the SES men and women who leave their own families at home to ensure that another family has a roof over their heads. We owe every one of them – as well as the families who support them through it all – a debt of gratitude.

Yet many of Australia’s 300,000 first responders receive little thanks for what they do.

We need to change that.

June 8, 2022 is Thank a First Responder Day, when we ask you to join us in saying two simple words to our first responders: Thank you.