4 ways expressing gratitude is good for us

Feb 11, 2022

It’s quick, easy and free, and the experts all agree that it boosts our happiness and wellbeing.

Gratitude is all about being thankful for the people in our lives and the things we have. All it takes is a moment to pause, notice those positive things and people, and show your thanks with words and actions.

There are many benefits to practising gratitude, including:

Gratitude encourages us to look for the positives

While negative acts and experiences can impact us more strongly than those that are positive, gratitude combats this by teaching us to notice the good in our lives. When we take notice of the things we’re grateful for, no matter how small, our whole view of the world shifts.

The more we practise gratitude, the better we become at seeing the things that go well, and viewing the world with a positive outlook.

Gratitude improves our mental fitness and wellbeing

Practising gratitude has been linked to improving our general wellbeing. Gratitude is connected to giving, which is one of the five pillars supporting psychological wellbeing.

Experts say that practising gratitude can reduce stress, increase our social support, and even improve sleep. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of experiencing mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Gratitude helps us to enjoy life, even when things feel challenging

There is always something to feel grateful for. When we teach ourselves to notice the positive parts of life, we also give ourselves permission to enjoy those things.

These little pieces of gratitude can come at the most unexpected times. Even when we’re going through a challenging time, practising gratitude increases our positive emotions, helps us find pleasure in the small things, and encourages us to find a little happiness.

Gratitude reminds us to thank the people who do so much for us

On Thank a First Responder Day this June, we have the opportunity to show our gratitude to those who do crucial, life-saving work in our communities.

In coming together to express our gratitude via Thank a First Responder Day, we can harness the benefits of giving and connectedness.

This helps to ensure that first responders know the community appreciates their work, recognises the hardships they endure, and is supportive of them and the valuable roles they play within our society.

Thank a First Responder Day is an opportunity to publicly acknowledge and express our gratitude for the work of first responders.