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We’re collating the outpouring of gratitude in one place for our first responders to see.   “Thanks” is more than just a word – it’s a symbol of gratitude and respect for those who do a job most of us could not do.  To appear on the wall below – post on your public Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #TAFRD.

"Thank you, I always feel safe knowing that you're there for us."

What an utterly perfect message ahead of Thank a First Responder Day on Wednesday 8th June.

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Saying “thanks” is what Thank a First Responder Day is all about and we’re here to help share these heartfelt messages of gratitude.

This lovely letter was sent through from Charles Condor Primary Schools 1/2C class of 2021 and we couldn’t help but share it again.

To letter templates and other resources - head to

“Dear firefighters,
Thank you for coming to our school when the fire alarms went off to check that we were safe. We feel safe knowing you are there to help us. We think you are very brave for all that you do for us. We hope that you stay safe when doing your job. We love firefighters.
1/2C Charles Condor Primary School”

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Thank a First Responder Day is coming up on Wednesday 8th June.

It's a day to pause and say "thank you" to those who do so much to protect and care for our community - just like our surf lifesavers who have performed over 11,000 rescues across the nation during the 2021/2022... patrol season.

How will you say thank you to the first responders in your community?

#TAFRD #FirstResponderDay #ThankAFirstResponder

Thank a First Responder Day is about showing gratitude to those who do so much for our community. We want to give our littlest community members a chance to say thank you to their local first responders – who are often mums, dads, aunts, uncles and friends.

Download our free resources, ...created teacher, and get involved in Thank a First Responder Day. We’d love to see your creations!

#TAFRD #FirstResponderDay #ThankAFirstResponder

It's Wear Orange Wednesday, recognising the hard work of the State Emergency Service volunteers, and we just HAD to share this beautiful message of thanks from Molly.

"Dear SES,
You are so nice, you are safe and respectful. Thank you for all the hard work.
From ...Molly"

Saying thanks is more than words, it’s a way to show how much our community genuinely appreciates everything our first responders do. More than that, research shows that receiving heartfelt and genuine gratitude is an effective way to increase wellbeing and trauma resilience.

#TAFRD #FirstResponderDay #PowerOfThanks

It's Wear Orange Wednesday and we're saying THANK YOU to all SES Volunteers. We appreciate everything you do for our community.

Thanks for giving your time, for leaving your family and job, and for being all round amazing community protectors.

#NVW22 #WOWDay ...#WearOrangeWednesday #TAFRD #ThankAFirstResponderDay #FirstResponderDay #thankyouSES

Mark wrote this poem to thank the first responders who saved his step-son, Josh's, life.

It is one of the most beautiful tributes to the first responders who protect and care for our communities. We're grateful to Mark for sharing this heartfelt piece with us.

Poem: by ...Mark Walker
Voiceover: by Ian Campbell

#TAFRD #FirstResponderDay

Testing something for a client... feel free to move on with your day 🙂 Thank a First Responder Day

It's National Volunteer Week and we love a reason to say THANKS to our volunteer first responders!

To our volunteer firefighters, community ambulance officers and first aiders, surf lifesavers, search and rescue personnel, SES, marine rescue and all those who lend a hand when's needed - we think you're amazing.

Volunteering brings people together and builds community. More than that - our first responder volunteers are the first on scene in our times of need. They protect and care for our communities like no others.

So this week, we're making sure we say - thank you - as many times as we can.

#NationalVolunteerWeek #NVW2022 #TAFRD #ThankAFirstResponder #BetterTogether

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